One Direction "This Is Us" premier

I'm so excited about tonight, because I'm going to go to see "This Is Us" with my sister and my friend Bea and her friend! I've waited for this movie for I don't know how long and the day is finally here. At 6 pm it's time and I just know that it's going to be incredible.
I LOVE going to the movies! The cosy feeling, the delicious smell of buttered popcorn and candy and, of course, the movie... It's just magical! Hahahahah, I guess I sounded a bit weird there, but whatever.
In the theme of One Directiona nd their movie, the real movie premier was held a couple of days ago and here's some pictures from that event.
The boys
Zayn Malik doing his signature smize.
Niall Horan was really excited about the movie.
Harry Styles felt like doing a grimace to the cameras, while Liam Payne was curiously watching.
Little Mix was there.
And so was McFly.
Simon Cowell, the creator of One Direction, posed proudly at the red carpet.


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