Driving lessons, gym and food

Hello everyone!
Today I woke up quite early for being a Saturday morning and went to a BIG parking lot. Me and my dad have recently started with learning me how to drive and it's so much fun! But it's a lot of hard work aswell. I was especially nervous today because it had been a while since I last drove, but even though I had a bit rocky start I'd say that it went great. When we got home everyone were still asleep so I started to make the whole family some breakfast. I decided to try to do something similar to a pic I once saw on WeHeartIt and well, it didn't really turn out the way it should've but it was delicious! Then I went to work hard at the gym for about one and a half hour. When I got home I made a delicious and healthy lunch and went outside to sit in the sun and get a bit tanned. That didn't work out so well because I have a really hard time getting a bit of color on my skin, but what can you do? And now I'm sitting here. I have to clean my room since my bestie Anna is coming over on Monday and my room looks like crap (as does the rest of the apartment). I'm also making dinner tonight! I've decided to do some quinoa with shrimps, mushrooms, peas, onions and red bellpepper. Hope it turns out ok! I'll post pics later of that. But now I'm just gonna relax and watch an episode of ANTM.
See ya'll laters!
Fried eggs in orange bellpepper - today's breakfast for la familia...
...and my lunch after a hard workout.


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