Hello and welcome

My name is Ruta and I've just finished my first year at Värmdö Gymnasium (kind of like high school, I guess). I've thought about starting a blog for a while, but I've never committed to it until now. I don't really know why, just felt motivated I guess.
In this blog I'm gonna write about a lot of stuff, like music, fashion, my life and so on.
Now I know what your main question is: Why the heck is she writing in English when it's a Swedish blog address? Well, I've had a blog on here before with my friends, so I kind of know how this website works. I decided to write in English because I really like the language and of course because of the language barriers a language like Swedish would create (Google Translate is not THAT good).
So that's about all I thought I'd give you, but please make sure to leave a comment with a number and I'll have a post with all the answers.
Hope you'll enjoy my blog!


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