Kindergarten and cinnamon buns

Hello everyone!
So today went by really fast. I woke up as usual these days, 06:15 in the morning and went to work. Everything went great at work, a really small amount of kids should've meant that it would be quite and calm, but no-no. Had to have my double dose of my favourite coffee to get through the day without falling asleep. It's gonna be so sad tomorrow, which is the last day at work. Having to say goodbye to all the incredibly cute kids and nice personell. Tomorrow is also the reason why I baked cinnamon buns. I only had made them once before so I was quite nervous, but I would say that they came out quite delicious, to be honest. Now I'm really tired after baking for almost three hours, so I'm gonna head to sleep soon, even though it's quite early.
Hope all of you've had a good day!
Today's outfit was very simple and practical, a typical "taking-care-of-kids" style.
The cinnamon buns before...
... and after going in to the oven.


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