Almost done with school

Yep, after today there's only Friday left and then it's finally time for the autumn vacation! I have longed for some free time for so long and I can't belive it's finally here!
But there won't be much "free time" for me though. Because guess what? Yeah, my stupid teachers have scheduled two (!) exams the week precisely after the break, one in social studies and one speech in Swedish. So I will study a LOT and I'm so pissed off! But I'm definately not going to sacrifice my break to school, so I'll definately have some days off and lots of "me-time". I'll also catch up with some friends that I haven't seen for a while, maybe go to the movies, have a sleepover with my bestie Anna and just have lots of fun. And of course I'll write all about it here!
So you know I was planning going to the gym for a couple of days now? Well, it hasn't happened hahahah! But today, today will be different because I've even brought my gym stuff to school so that I can go directly to the gym. Then I'll buy some delicious stuff on my way home, like I did yesterday (I needed something fun while studying for the science exam I had today, so I bought some nuts and chocolate). I'll also watch the first episode of "Ravenswood" since a didn't have time to watch it yesterday or earlier today. But I've already watched the Halloween episode of "Pretty Little Liars" and O M G!!! It was so good and creepy and I can't wait for the rest of it!
Strangely it feels like Friday already, as it does every Thursday for me. But soon it's the weekend I can finally relax a bit and be able to just lay in bed without having to feel guilty about it.
Hope you've had a great week soo far!
On Tuesday mom bought a blueberry pie to "celebrate" that I had found a place to do my practice at, so sweet of her!
Yesterday's fun part...
... and boring part.


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