Ugh, yes, I overslept today. This never happens to me, but probably because I went to sleep a bit late last night my body decided to do what's best for it! So I wake up half an hour later than I'm supposed to and have to rush through my getting-ready-routine. This results in the fact that I don't have enough time to eat breakfast, so I end up making a breakfast-box (like a lunch-box, but for breakfast). This was actually quite a smart idea and maybe I'll do like this in the future, because then you get to sleep more, which I love!
Anyway, I get to school on time and the first lesson is Spanish. Today we had this test where we were supposed to write an essay on time with a specific subject that we got to know earlier. I don't really know how it went, since I forgot some important words that would have made the test sound more "professional", but I'll survive.
Then we had a lunchbreak for about two hours, so we decided to eat at this Italian restaurant that has the best pasta ever! Totally love their dishes. Why does pasta have to be bad for you?!
The other two lessons went by quite fast and since the last lesson was cancelled school ended earlier than usually. That ment gym time for me! Today I started this new program that is more focused on strenght than my previous routine, which was created to improve my endurance. I can already feel my muscles getting a bit sore, but it's a great feeling I have to say!
Now I'm gonna start to study for this marketing test I have next week and I have a whole lot to do.
Wish me luck!
Breakfast-on-the-go was the usual, yoghurt and müesli, but in a little box.
This is actually yesterday's lunch, which in my opinion was more delicious than today.
A little post-workout snack, warm milk with honey and homemade müesli cookies.


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