Girls night

Yesterday was so much fun! We had planned that we would have a Harry Potter-marathon were we would watch the last 3 movies, but instead we ended up talking instead and watched only like a third of the first movie! We ate homemade tacos for dinner and some nacho chips, two types of dark chocolate and of course different types of soft drinks. We also ended up watching chick flicks; Mean Girls 2 (which was NOT as good as the first one) and The Clique (which I will love forever no matter what). I didn't watch the whole second movie, because I fell asleep, but it was nice anyway.
now im on my way to my friend Agnes' house for a sleepover there, which will be sooo much fun!">">">" class="image">">">">" class="image">">" class="image">">" class="image">" class="image">" class="image">

Postat av: Hi

Are you from Lithuania?6.

Svar: Yes I am, actually! How did you know? :)
Ruta Mozuraityte

2013-09-08 @ 18:54:30

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