Late school day

So this day was as I said earlier really chill. I just hang out at home, didn't go shopping, but made some homework and other stuff. For lunch I made this delicious salad that consisted of baby spinach, ruccola, regular salad, cucumber, feta cheese, walnuts and a hardboiled egg. Yummy!
Since the late lesson we were gonna have was math, and I always get dangerously sleepy during those classes, I thought that I would boost my energy level with some coffee. So I made some at home and took it with me. It was kind of tricky at the beginning, because it stayed hot for a long time and I couldn't drink it when I wanted. But otherwhise it was a really great idea, because I was filled with energy and actually felt interested during my teachers introduction. I will definately continue to do this!
Have a great rest of the day!
Today's lunch
On the bus


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