Sickness in some of it's forms

I'll begin this post by apologizing for the incredibly bad updating on this blog this past week. Truth is, I've been sick and I still am. Just laying around in bed, watching series all day. I am curently done with the first season of "House" and on my fourth season of "Bones", but series amazingly interesting.
Today was the first day stepping outside after over 4 days in bed. I went to school, but only for the first lesson since we had a Swedish test on grammar; constituents, phrases and some other things I don't actually remember right now. I think the test went well and after I'd done it I went home. On my way home I bought a big cup of chai-latte to keep me warm in the September-cold that has now struck this country. And thank God I did, otherwise I would've frozen to death!
So now I'm just being lazy in bed, watching "Bones", drinking tea and reading books. Trying my best to get healthy as soon as possible. Will probably head to school tomorrow since I can't afford to miss any more of my classes, no matter how I feel. Hopefully health will be on my side...
Either way, have a great day!
What I've been reading, an amazing book by a gorgeous girl!
My sissie was the sweetest and baked me a feel-good-soon-chocolate-cake. Yes, it was delicious!
What's been getting me through these days: my beloved computer, some chocolate and lots and lots of liquid in all it's forms!
Today's love: chai-latte.
Outfit of the day :P Sick-but-still-going-to-school was the theme!

Postat av: Anonym

I just love your blog, it's so cute and amezing!

2013-09-21 @ 14:37:28

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