Simple with a blast of color

Finally Monday is over, probably the worst day of the week. It was long and hard, but it ended in a very nice way.
I have a actually found a soft spot; ice-cream! I can eat tons of it all at the same time! Like today, on my way home from school I bought this box of delicious vanilla ice-cream with bits of Daim, and I ate the whole box myself. If I can continue like this I'm gonna get some serious health issues, but it's so damn good I can't help myself! Also, life's to short to keep out the good parts! But it doesn't mean you should get an extra 10 kg out of ice-cream hahahaha!
So yesterday I started watching "Gone" with Amanda Seyfried, but I didn't watch the whole movie because I was too tired. So I watched the rest of it when I got home and it was so good! Thank you Jennifer for letting me know about it!
Since the movie was so good and I still was in the mood for an another thriller movie, I ended up watching "The Call" with Halle Berry. I'll watch the end of it soon, but I just have to say that that woman has some good genes! She looks flawless, though her age! She's truly one of the most beautiful women on earth!
Also today for dinner our family decided to try something new: Indian inspired food! We ended up doing this stew that consisted of beans, chickpeas, haricot verts and a lot of spices together with traditional Naan bread. We even ended up eating with our hands! Hahahah! Tonight I truly channelled my inner Indian girl! Either way, it was one of the most delicious meals I've ever had in my entire life and you all should try it sometime. Just let me know if you'd like the recipe or something!
Le bowl of ice-cream
Seira with her little sweater in the fall sun
Today's outfit: Jacket H&M/ sweater H&M/ jeans Crocker/ scarf Unknown/ shoes Converse
Dinner a la India


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