We didn't win, but we for sure fought!

Yep, the headline says it all... Lithuania didn't win against the suprizingly strong France. Even though the whole family cheered on the the top of their lungs the whole game, we weren't loud enough to be heard in Slovenia. Lithuania had met France before and won with quite some points if I remember correctly, but I suppose the pressure was a bit to much for the players last night. Either way, Lithuania did take home the silver medal and I'm very happy with that! I for sure didn't expect this good results!
Here are some pictures from yesterday's game.
In the beggining of the game, during the National Anthem
Linas Kleiza, Tony Parker and Mantas Kalnietis.
Not a particularly HQ picture, but the only one I found that features the whole team!
Linas Kleiza got a reward for the power forward position. He averaged 11.4 points and five rebounds-per-game in Slovenia.


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