If I went to Coachella...

...it would be a real dream come true! Ever since my interest in celebrities and fashion started that one day in sixth grade, Coachella has been one of the major topics on my "To-do-before-I-die-list". It's everything you could ever want from a festival, gorgeous fashion, great music, warm weather and famous beautiful people.
Because the festival is the topic on everyone's mouth right now, I've put together a few outfits similar to what I would be wearing if I went to Coachella. 
Which one is your favourite?
All of these collages are from my Polyvore, brought to you through my Tumblr and my WeHeartIt pages

Postat av: Agnes

I love the first and the second one! Sooo pretty <3

2014-04-26 @ 16:45:22 // URL: http://agnescupoftea.blogspot.se
Postat av: Mimmi

Utstyrseln näst längst ner är så himla snyggt! <3

2014-04-29 @ 21:56:37

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