It's been way too long

Hi everyone!
Have you missed me? Hahah, but really, it has been way too long since the last time I wrote here. I'll admit it, I haven't had any desire to write here for a long time, mostly because nothing really special has been going on and I didn't want to write here just because I felt like I had to. But lately, I've found myself taking photos or experiencing certain things and thinking "I have to write about this on my blog". But I never did. And now the feeling that I want to start again has been creeping on me, so I picked myself together and am now spending some time writing this text.
Okey, so what's been going on? Well, since my last real update (my dear sissies birthday) not so much has happened. To give an overview in a few words I've basically done this: a sleepover with Agnes and finally booking our London-trip (!!!!!!!!!), done some spring gardening (pretty flowers will be the main photographic thing on here in a few weeks), got my Easter break work schedule, been going to my modeling classes, had coffee with friends and celebrated my friend Bea's birthday this last Saturday.
I know that it can be quite annoying with a lot of text, so I'm gonna stop right here and give you some photos.
Bye guys!
Planting some beautiful flowers
My one and only coffee date: Agnes. Our passion for coffee is shown in a great way in this pick, her flat white to the left, my green smoothie in the middle and my cappuccino on the right.
At Bea's birthday party, the cakes were so delicious!

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Wohooo you're back!! <3

Svar: Yes I am! :D
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