March in pictures

Evening guys!
Thought I'd share a little summary of last month, March. All photos are taken from my Instagram account @rutamozuraityte. Feel free to follow me for more details on what I'm up to when I'm not updating here.
But here's a small compilation...
All pictures from @rutamozuraityte 
1. Coming back from Lithuania and doing a summary of my time there.
2. Many coffee dates that month...
3. of which was with my sissie, with "The Book Thief" afterwards.
4. Met some "Top Model Sweden" contestants, here with Astrid...
5. ... Elzana...
6. ...and Kevin.
7. Sissies birthday was in the middle of March. A beautiful bouquet of tulips shown here.
8. A little Throwback Thursday nostalgia, remembering the good old days, sniffing a beautiful flowery bush.
9. It was so nice that many celebrities aknowledged World Water Day. I did a regram of Candice Swanepoels entry about it.
So that was my March, in very short terms. Hopefully this month will be even more exciting and interesting, so that I'll have funnier things to update about. Until then, have a great rest of the week!


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