Again and again and again

Morning people!
Really didn't sleep well at all, laid in my bed, twisting, changing positions and so on, probably throughout the whole night. The reason to this is that these past few weeks' not feeling on top has finally showed it's results, I'm sick! This time it's the real deal, not the lame kind of feeling tired and having headaches occassionally. No, this time it's fever, my throat hurts and the body feels like it's been sucked into a tornado and throwed out again.
This illness seriousy could not have had a worse timing, since I have this "small" (according to my teacher, but really it's huge) marketing test tomorrow and I have to study my ass off. So I'm really sorry if I won't be updating that much today, or the rest of the week until the weekend (3 (!) essays until Friday).
I do hope though that school or work isn't as hard for you as it's for me right now, and that you enjoy the energy of being healthy.
Have a great day!
Finally got the new H&M catalogue for spring and summer! I feel so proud looking who's on the cover (Edita Vilkeviciute, from Lithuania)!
Yesterday's dinner was a delicious green, white and yellow salad. I love salad, could seriously eat it every day!


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