Getting better

Morning everyone!
Wow, these last couple of days have been horrible. I've had high fever, throat pains and been drugging myself with painkillers. To add to it, I've had to study for a huge marketing exam (which I ended up NOT doing) and writing two, almost three, essays. How about that?
But it hasn't all been bad. It's been really nice to stay at home (even if not under the best circumstances), to sleep and relax a bit. I've been listening to this audiobook called "Gone Tomorrow"/"Det Ögat Inte Ser" by Lee Child. It's a Jack Reacher-novel, not sure which one though. It's really nice to just lay in your bed and listen to someone reading a book, when you're feeling to horrible to do it yourself. I do it every time I'm sick and it keeps me from dying out of boredome. Something I truly do recommend.
Also, once I started to feel a bit better, I started to watch a new series. I know that it probably wasn't the best decision, since I have literally about 5 series that I've started watching but never ended, but I just felt so bored by the ones I'm watching now, so a bit of freshness was exactly what I needed. The series that I've started watching is called "Revenge" and I'm guessing almost all of you have at least heard about if not watched it. I think it's a great series that I fell in love with from the first episode. It's basically about a woman who comes back to the place where she grew up to revenge his father, who'd been falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. There's a lot of drama, beautiful people, gorgeous clothes and amazing houses, which for a drama, fashion and interior freak like me is the perfect combo!
I really think that you should give this series a chance, I think a lot of you would love it.
Below are some pictures from "Revenge".


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