Gym time and juice

Yep, that pretty much sums up my day, hahah!
Seriously though, in the morning I went to Pressbyrån, where I had my intership, to ask them about my working schedule. My first day is not this Friday, but the one after that, beginning with inventoring the shop. Then they probably won't need me until the end of March.
After this meeting I had a tiny bit of school, from 10.15 AM to 12.15 PM. After that Nicolina and I went to buy some lunch and then to a place called Jabb. They sell different training and fitness stuff. There I bought 4 Questbars, something I've been wanting to try for quite some time. More about them in an another post.
Then it was off to the gym for the first workout in a very long time, due to sickness back and forth. It felt so good to finally get my body moving and step out of the sickness bubble once and for all.
A part of my delicious and healthy lunch, carrot juice. Drink your greens (or oranges)!
A little picture-time before work out. Kisses!


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