This weekend

Morning guys! Happy Monday, right? No no no, there's nothing good about Monday's, unless you get to stay at home while everyone else goes to school/work. But no luxury like that for me today, school started already at 8.35 AM. Now I have a 1 h 10 min English lesson ahead of me, then marketing and then lunch. I'm sooo looking forward to lunch...
So this weekend was a lot of fun. Firstly, I wwent to Ammi's birhtday party on Friday, as I've already told you before. Then I slept until probably 11 AM on Saturday. I would've slept longer, but I needed to get up and get ready for my Saturday afternoon-activity for around 4 months from now. That's a... modeling class!
So I've started attending this "modeling class" at Marikas Dance and Model Studio in central Stockholm. I heard about it while listening to the radio and thought it sounded interesting, so I searched about it on the Internet. I found the website, read a bit about the class and liked what they had to offer, so I signed in! On Saturday it was the first class and I was so nervous. I arrived about 15 minutes before the class would start, just sat and waited for the class to start. When it was around 5 minutes left I started to get a bit worried, because there was only me and an another girl there.
But then, when was just a couple of minutes left, a dance class ended and a lot of people from that class attended the modeling class. First, we entered the studio/dance hall and sat down. Our teacher, Marika herself, talked about what was included in the class, about what theme we're going to have on our fashion show at the end (which will be influenced by the exhibition "THE FASHION WORLD OF JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk").
Then we got to walk in heels the whole class, train on our skills (mine were awful, compared to the others), posing at the end of the "runway" and so on. It really didn't go as well as I was hoping, but since I don't have really that much experience when it comes to walking in heels, there's no wonder it went the way it did.
So I'll have to work my ass of at home, practicing to walk at least okey in heels so that I can rock that runway after this course has ended. Make-up lessons, photoshoots and stuff like that are also included.
I had a lot of fun and I have so much exciting stuff to look forward to!
Taken from their website


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