Velntine's Day Dessert Party

This is a great tip for all of you single ladies out there, like myself. Invite your dearest girlfriends over to your place for a lovely Valentine's Day dessert party, where there will only be delicious pastries to celebrate the power of YOU!
Tell your guests to eat dinner on their own beforehand so that they don't expect to be served a main course. Then invite everyone over for sweets and feel free to end the night with one of your favourite romantic comedies too.
And here are some helpful tips you can use when throwing your own Valentine's Day dessert soiree:
Bake your heart out.
Baked goods taste so much better when they’re in a festive heart shape, don’t you think? You can also cut the brownies into hearts. The more hearts, the better. Check out the photos below to get inspired!

Use fresh flowers.
Have fresh flower arrangements to add some life to your dessert table. An example could be ranunculus, anemones, fringed tulips, eucalyptus and succulents. Beautiful!

Twist and shout.
Remember to throw on some fun holiday tunes for your get together. Create your own Valentine’s Day playlist.

Hang time.
No desert table is complete without some type of hanging garland. Make a heart garland with some glitter on, both appropriate for the occassion, but also incredibly cute to look at. And they're cute enough to use year-round!
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Which of these recipes would you like me to post here? Let me know in the comments!
Be sure to stay tuned for more Valentine's content on the blog!


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