When is this ever going to end?

Ugh, what a horrible morning! I wake up with a headache, my eyes hurt and I feel like crap, just when I thought that things were getting better. Now I'm sitting here in my room, rain is pouring outside while I'm watching "Revenge" with what feels like a head stuffed with cotton balls. Can this whole thing come to an end soon, please?
I really don't mind staying at home and all, but please can I be feeling well at the same time? I wonder what I've done to derserve this kind of crap...
Anyways, hope you're all feeling better than I am. This (probably) won't stop me from updating. Keep an eyes on the blog for at least one another post today. Also, since it's Valetine's Day soon it might have a special theme...

Postat av: Silke

Jättefin blogg du har!!!
Detdär ser riktigt gott ut :)

2014-02-09 @ 11:37:27 // URL: http://silkez.blogg.se/

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