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Yes, that's me over here! Thursday this past week I gota call from mom, asking me if I'd like to help out at the university she works at. Appearently, the people working with exams and such stuff were underarmed with personell for these huge exams that were due today. So I took the job, not only for the money's sake, but also for the experience and being able to expanding that CV of mine.
So today was the day when the exams took place. I had to get up really early in the morning (not so fun on a Saturday) so that I*d be at Stockholm University before 8AM. Thank God for my amazing dad, who offered to give me a ride, so instead of a trip that would've taken over a hour, it took us less than 30 minutes.
When I got there I got to prepare for the exam, placing out answer sheets, questions and so on. Then the students came and took the test. It started at 9AM and ended at 2PM, so it was a really long exam. I got a short lunchbreak in the middle, so I didn't die of hunger.
After it all was over my incredible dad picked me up and took me home and here I am. I'm gonna try to get some homework done, but I can't promise anything, I feel exhausted!
Hope you've had a good day!
Felt like I deserved this after a long day
- R

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gott med bulle :D

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