Favourite looks from Golden Globes 2014

The last post was dedicated to the Golden Globes in general, with winners and fashion in lots. Now it's time for my 6 favourite looks from this year's awards!
Emma Roberts looks flawless in this beautiful and classic black gown. Keeping the hair and make-up simple, the dress really gets to make the impression, with a pair of beautiful light blue earrings to top off the outfit.
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior, do I have to say anything else? The dress is simple, yet outstanding, with a very interesting design that can make anyone yealous of miss Jennifer's figure. In my personal opinion, the eye make-up is a tiny bit to heavy, but otherwise a gorgeous outfit!
Lousie Roe in an incredible red dress that matches her hair and skintone flawlessly. You may or may not remember this beautiful Bristish fashionista that's appeared in the second season of "The City", hosted her own show called "Plain Jane" and written tons of fashion articles for Vogue UK, Elle UK and so on. I think that this look is one of my absolute favourites this year, I mean just look at her!
Mila Kunis looks like a goddess in Guci Premiére's silvery gown. She's keeping everything else simple, focusing on the amazing work on the top part of the dress, with some gorgeous flowers and a bit of sparkle!
Olivia Wilde was also wearing a Gucci Premiére dress, pulling this look off even more glamorously than Mila Kunis. This gorgeous bottle green dress is the perfect choice for Olivia, highlighting her tall figure, beautiful hair and that amazing bone structure of hers that anyone can get jealous of. And of course, the baby bump. This is my other absolute favourite look of this year. Have you ever seen a more beautiful and glowing woman?
Sarah Hyland in Georges Hobeika is going for a more natural and soft look this year. The beautiful pink color really accentuates her beautiful hairdo, keeping it simple yet gorgeous braid. Even though I don't really agree with her stylists' chioce of make-up, I think she pulls it off quite well.


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