Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm - Day 3

Yesterday was the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in Stockholm. The ones I really looked forward to were Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden, but was actually a bit dissapointed by the collections. I had expected a bit more... But there were some good stuff aswell, as you'll see below.
This last day, in my opinion, was the least exciting when it comes to fashion. Nothing really special about the collections and as I mentioned, not many outfit I liked either. My favourite day must have been yesterday. I became aware of quite many new designers that I really liked and was positively surprised by many collections, with many favourite looks.
However, here's the summary of yesterday!
All the pictures were taken from the MBFW Stockholm's website.
Love the combination of these colors, though I find it more spring then autumn/winter. The pieces itself is not really something you're able to take directly from the runway, but my favourites from this line.
Beckmans College of Design
This dress is quite revealing, being both short and having multiple cutouts, but it still made a bigger impression to me than the rest of the looks.
Filippa K
Now this is an outfit that you could actually wear! I really like the combination of the pieces and both the colors and the fabrics are well suitable for the season.
This was my favourite designer from yesterday. I had a bit difficult time choosing the outfit to post here, since I had multipe favourites. But I decided to go with this one because it's a perfect casual outfit for a hot late summer/early fall day, both for work and after.
Mes Dames
The color of this outfit, camel/mustard, has been coming back season after season and from what it looks like, it will this year aswell. It's a bit of a difficult color to pull of, so make sure that it looks good on you. Otherwise, I think the design of this top.
Oscar Jacobson
The male outfit of the day! This outfit is really classy and stylish, which I think is really important when dressing a guy. I think this also was the only look with regular long pants and since I'm not a big fan of ankle pants, it wasn't hard to choose the right outfit.
Rookies - Swedish Fashion Talents
This show was the only one with a bit of Haute Couture inspired dresses, which of course I love. Especially this creation caught my eye, because of it's beautiful colors and fabric. A real fluffy dream dress!
Tiger of Sweden
Tiger of Sweden was one of the brands I really looked forward to seeing, but dissapointed me a bit. This outfit though, was definately no dissapointment! Classic "calm" palette for the season, a beautiful dress and a jacket in an interesting fabric makes a great combination!


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