Olivia Palermo engaged

Yes guys, you heard right. Our all time favourite fashionista is newly engaged to Johannes Huebl, boyfriend since five years. They're such a beautiful and stylish couple, I'm really happy for them both!

Johannes proposed to her on a romantic holiday to St Barts on Wednesday. 
The German model, 27, quickly took to Instagram to share a cute video of her showing off her impressive diamond ring.
He wrote: "Happy New Year to everybody and this is how we celebrate it: OP said Y E S."
The video shows beautiful Olivia, dressed in a romantic white dress, playfully running away from the camera while looking back at it.
She then stops and holds her hand up to her face to display the large rock Johannes proposed with.
The couple has been dating since 2008 after being introduced through mutual friends.
Olivia previously put the success of their couple's five-year relationship down to a mutual respect and admiration, while Johannes admitted they have a "old romantic" approach to love.
She said in an interview with ELLE Magazine: "I think that we grow together. I think that I'm constantly learning, and we're both eager to learn about not only each other, but our interests."
Johannes added: "I think we have a very conservative, old romantic, private approach to our love."
Olivia starred in the reality show The City, a spinoff from The Hills, for two seasons from 2008 but now concentrates on modeling, her fashion line and her fashion blog.



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