Sleepover with bestie

Hello guys! Sorry for not posting that much stuff yesterday and today, but I've been having so much fun at my besties Agnes' house. 
We met up after church yesterday for some coffee at Espresso House, I had a latte with hazelnut flavor and Agnes had a cappuccino. Then we went to H&M, Agnes had to get some stuff and then we went to her place. Firstly we watched the first episode if the third season of Sherlock, such an amazing series, LOVE it!!! Later we had dinner, which was delicious! After that we finally watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013. How I have longed for it! I just love the show, it's so incredible and magical! I don't really know why I hadn't watched it earlier, I just didn't want to watch it alone and I hadn't someone to watch it with... But it was great, not the best one by far (the artists sucked), but it's hard not to love it anyway. 
After the VS show we started watching Magic Mike (Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer, hello!!!), but we were too tired to watch it all, so we went to sleep at around 3 AM. 
Now we've had breakfast and we're a bout to continue with Magic Mike. 
Yesterday's coffee

Good morning!

Delicious smoothie for breakfast by Agnes sister, yummy!



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