Sweet mornings

Goodmorning everyone!
Today I'm staying at home, not feeling well. It's the winter sports day at school today and I really didn't feel well enough to be marching around in the cold for 5-6 hours. Instead, I'll be cosying up here, watching movies, drinking coffee and tea, and unfortenately doing some homework aswell.
But, to make this day more fun for everyone, I thought I'd make you in a good mood by sharing one of my biggest interests - baking! I just love to bake! Cupcakes, cakes, bisquits, cookies, you name it, I've done it. The fun part is eating it all up, tasting what delicious creations your effort has resulted in. There's really nothing better!
When I see pictures like the ones below, my imagination really sparks and I get this almost uncontrollable desire to just get in the kitchen and make some yummy things.
Get your kitchens ready, because you're about to get inspired!


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