This day started quite early for being a Tuesday, usually I wake up at half past eight, but today it was an hour earlier. This because I wanted to get to school before my classes started so that I could catch up with yesterday's "Paradise Hotel" and work a bit on the project we have in Marketing. I don't know if I've told what it's about, but basically we got a company called Wallenstam that works with real estate and we're supposed to do an analysis of the company. This contains many different parts and the whole thing is supposed to be around 19 pages, so you can understand that it's a lot of work, especially since we're basically only two people in my group when others are 3-4. But hey, what can you do but just smile and carry on, right? There's really no point in being negative, it only makes your life look worse.
So "chins up, smiles on"!


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