Summer times

I feel so bad for not writing here in what feels like ages! The last couple of weeks were crazy, but now that summer vacation is around the corner, I finally have some more time for doing (almost) whatever I want.
This past week has been so much fun!
I had my last exam for this school year on Tuesday, and as always for this subject, I overstudied. So hopefully it went great, or else I'm gonna be so upset.
Then on Wednesday my sister and I went to the stables and attended an extra horseriding lesson, since we'd missed some. She's way better than me at this, since she's done it for 6 years, but somehow we still ended up in a group that was even better than she is, so you can imagine how I felt struggling through the woods on the back of a horse I've never been on before.
On Thursday it was all about the dress rehearsal for Marika's show, and it didn't go too well. I forgot some things in our choreography, so I was a bit nervous.
On Friday we had another rehearsal at noon. The first show started at 3 PM and it went great! It was so much fun to stand on the stage, the lights shining, in front of around 500 people doing our thing. I had the honour to open our segment and it felt amazing. I could do this all the time!
I know text isn't so muvh fun to read, and since pictures say more than words, he're some photos from Friday's shows! 
Some great dance performances and a funny face-selfie. Sorry for the horrible quality of my phone's camera!

Postat av: Agnes

Looking gorgeous as always Rutie <3

2014-07-15 @ 14:09:22
Postat av: Mimmi

Du har inte bloggat på jätte länge! Blogga! :)

2014-10-17 @ 08:32:22
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