Busy weekend

Oh yeah, it really has been. It sure feels like it, anyway...
On Saturday I had to wake up really early, 6AM (!), to get ready for work. Like I've explained earlier, I sometimes work as an exam guard (if you can call it that). Basically I sit there and make sure no one cheats or anything like that. Of course there's a bit of work, too. You have to prepare for the exam by placing out all the papers and then sort them out once the test is finished. But overall, it's a quite chill job.
Then after that I went home, bought some candy and just enjoyed the rest of the day.
Today after mass there was this meeting for all the church attendants, which wasn't much fun, except for the cinnamon buns we got to enjoy. After that it was practically straight home to study for this Spanish exam I have tomorrow. It seems like all I do is study for exams, right? Fact is, there's really a lot of them, at least where I go to school. So boring, there's tons of stuff I'd like to do instead, but no no, no fun while you're young, right?
Got to stop here before I get even more pessimistic! Have a great upcoming week everyone!
A couple of food pics, the first one's from Saturday during a break and the second one is from today: yummy strawberry soygurt with sliced banana!


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