My weekend

Hello babes! (As Jonas Hallberg would say)
This weekend I've barely spent any time at home, therefore the bad update.
On Saturday morning I went to the gym for a little work out. Then, at around lunch, my sister and I went to Åhléns for the Top Model/Maybelline event. It felt so unreal to get to meet Jonas Hallberg and two of the contestants, Elzana and Sebastian. We took some pictures and got some autographs and then my sister and I went for a very quick coffee/lunch at Wayne's Coffee.
Then I had my modeling class and went back to Åhléns to meet up with Agnes for our sleepover. Unfortenately, Agnes wasn't able to make it there in time, so we decided to meet up near her. But first, I went inside Åhléns to get some more pictures with the contestants. Now, more of them had come. I got some photos with Astrid and Kevin aswell.
When I got to Huddinge we went grocery/snacks shopping and then to Agnes' place. First, we watched the latest episode of Top Model Sverige and ate some nuts, then we had dinner, and after that it was time for the final of Melodifestivalen 2014. Also Agnes mom's sister and her husband came to watch it with us, so it was a quite loud crowd that sat around the TV, cheering for their favourites and critisizing the worst ones. It was a really fun night, Sanna Nielsen won the whole contest with her song "Undo", which was one of my favourites. My other favourite was Ace Wilder with "Busy Doing Nothing" and she came second.
After the show, Agnes and I looked at hotels and plane tickets for our trip to London at the end of the summer. I'm so excited about it, it's the main topic of my daydreams right now! We basically decided everything, but it since it was so late when we were done, we didn't book/buy anything. Instead, we started watching "The First Time". I had already seen it, but since we (especially Agnes) have a huge Dylan O'Brien-crush, I knew that she would love it! We didn't watch the whole movie, since we really had to go to sleep.
In the morning we had a quick breakfast and got ready to leave for church. When I got home I just took a quick nap, since I'd only slept for 4 hours. Then I just watched some series, finished the movie and studied for my science exam that is tomorrow. Sunday was a nice, quite chill ending of this week.
Hopefully you guys have had a nice weekend and I wish you all a great coming week!
Jonas Hallberg, Elzana, a make-up artist, and Sebastian.
Pics from my Instagram. Elzana and I, she's my favourite and I really hope that she wins this season!
Astrid and I.
Kevin and I.


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