Shrove Tuesday

Happy shrove Tuesday/pancake day everyone!
Today was a quite nice day, actually. Only 2 lessons at school, then workout at the gym and after that, time for some delicous things! Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means that the fast before Easter begins. For me, tomorrow doesn't involve any meat or diary products. Kind of a vegan day, which will be very interesting.
Usually I have my little "cheat day" on Wednesdays, but this time I had it today, therefore the candy.
Also the "semla" was amazingly delicious! I scraped off almost all the whipped cream, since it was very heavy and I'm not really a big fan of it, which made it a whole lot more yummy. Next time, though, I think I'll share it with my mom, it ended up being a bit to much for me to eat on my own.
Hope you guys have enjoyed your semla or pancakes or whatever you celebrate this day with!
All of my favourite candy!
Delicious semla! Look at that amount of whipped cream (OMG)!

Postat av: Viola

åh vad sugen på godis jag blev nu ;)
ha en fin dag! :)

Svar: Tack detsamma! :) x
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