Trip to Lithuania last week

Last Thursday my family and I went to Lithuania, since it was a year since my grandma passed away, and after one year's time you have a gathering in their memory. Even though the reason why we went there wasn't positive, I still managed to have quite a good time.
We arrived late on Thursday night. On Friday the rest of the family had different arrends to run, while I stayed at home and studied for a math test that I was having on Tuesday. When the family was done with the boring stuff, we went out to eat lunch before heading to Marijampole and my mom's sister. Since it was Friday, and that means fast, we went to a vegetarian restaurant. It was so incredibly delicious! I've never eaten more delicious vegeterian food. I ordered these vegetable patties with salsa sauce and rice, and it was like heaven in my mouth! Everyone else's food was delicious too, but mine was the yummiest of them all!
After that mom and sissie went to the hairdresser, so I walked around a bit in the mall, looking at clothes, buying macarons and deciding on a new mascara (from Essence this time).
The next day was the gathering and it was really nice to meet all the relatives from mom's side of the family. They're so nice and funny, it's always a pleasure to be with them. After that we just chilled at home, watching this Turkish series called "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" or in English "The Magnificent Century".
Then on Sunday we woke up really early to be able to visit my other grandparents before we left for Sweden. So we made a quick stop for lunch and then we went back to Vilnius. Later that day it was off to Sweden, but unfortenately th trip wasn't all that nice for me. Since I had a bit of a cold, it was really painfull to fly at such a high height. I survivied, but I still don't hear quite properly on my right ear. Hopefully it will all be over soon!
So that's the reason why I didn't update anything at all this weekend. For the almost zero updates during the week you have to blame my PE teacher for giving us a huge assignment due today at 8PM.
On the bus, playing a bit with the filters
Beautiful view of the Swedish country
A yummy bomb of healthyness before the trip
My super delicious vegetarian dish
Sissies also delicious veggie dish
A poster from the series. My aunt says that I look like the one on the rear right, Alexandra. Do you agree?
On our way back home


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