Trip to Lithuania

So the vacation started with quite an impulsive trip to Lithuania, just my mom and I. It was so nice to just get away and travel with only my mom. When you are in Lithuania it feels like you're in a whole another world! It just feels so different from how your life usually is and it's so nice to get a break from it.
Here's my trip in pictures!
On our way to Vilnius, we transitted in Riga, where we got to enjoy this big (!) and very delicious caramel latte.
We also did some gift shopping at Victoria's Secret.
On the evening we met up with my mom's cousin and her daughter Goda. She's so cute!
The next day my mom, my aunt and I went had lunch at this asian restaurant. We had chicken and mushroom soup and chicken with sweet sauce. So delicious food!
On the day of our return to Stockholm, we bought some super yummy pastries to celebrate our last day there. We bought some macarones (strawberry and chocolate flavour) and brownies.


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