Style inspiration

This dress is PERFECTION! The LBD that every girl should have, with a nice and romantic little twist that makes this dress unique. I'm actually really thinking about buying this dress... What do you think, should I go for it?
I love everything about this outfit! The white top with the pants that add that color to the outfit. Also the necklace and the bracelet adds that little "bling" to this outfit and makes it more "wow". Also the hair is perfectly done, so this outfit is gorgeous!
This outfit may seem quite boring, but there is a detail that make it interesting. It's the fact that the pants aren't totally black, like they may seem at first glance, but avtually they have a print. I also like the print of the top, which makes this outfit more cute.
Love the cute flower bottom of this knitted top, so cute!
This colorblocking outfit is simple but amazing!


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