Kenza Zouiten street style

This gorgeous fashionista is always on top of my best dresed list. This time it's no different. Looking both stylish and being warm at the same time, this girl really knows how to work it. Matching a fluffy lavender colored jumper with a pretty black skirt and platform heels to die for, she's definately nailing one of my favourite spring looks!
Photos from and collage by me
Coat ICHI/ 1 195 SEK
Jumper TOPSHOP 405 SEK
Skirt H&M 199 SEK
6-pack rings H&M 29.50 SEK
Bracelet TOPSHOP 80 SEK
Tights H&M 49.50 SEK
Heeled boots Skopunkten 399 SEK
Bag Zara 195 SEK


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