Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm - Day 1

Yesterday was the start to three days of the newest fashion, hottest celebrities and loads of street style inspiration. Swedish designers have work hard to get a spot in this gorgeos fashion week and only the best of the best have made it. The main locations for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week A/W 2014 is at the well-renowned Berns in central Stockholm and at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Pavilion. I've walked past there numerous times before, trying to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous outfits and eye-locking designs. But, only la crème de la crème are invited and us mortals have no chance of entering.
Fortunately, that doesn't stop me from getting you the latest updates! Here below you can see my personal favourites from yesterday's shows.
All the pictures were taken from the MBFW Stockholm's website.
Stylish work outfit, directly from the runway!
LOVE the jacket and the contrast to the bright red skirt
Carin Wester
The fabric of both the blouse and the pants are amazing
Hernández Cornet
The silhouette of this dress is gorgeous
Hunky Dory
This is my favourite outfit of all of what I've seen, could definately see myself wearing that!
Leather with leather was a popular combination this year
This top is beyond my imagination, gorgeous!
This coat/jacket is perfect for the autumn/winter season, an investment to look forward to
Even a bit of men fashion, this is a bit of a rockier look


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