Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm - Day 2

Day 2 of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in Stockholm was yesterday, and of course I'll give you the latest updates. Since I personally don't have a pass to go and see the shows myself, these summarys come a day later. But hopefully that's okey and still interesting to all you fashion geeks like me.
Enough said, here's my favourites from yesterday!
All the pictures were taken from the MBFW Stockholm's website.
Caroline Kummelstedt
Love the fact that tey're playing a bit with different cuts of the hem of their skirts. The color is beautiful aswell!
Cheap Monday
The bow-thing on the head I'm not so sure of, but otherwise I think the dress is simple yet beautiful. The scarf adds a little twist to the otherwise classic outfit.
Diana Orving
This designer used "regular" women as her models, which also is visible in the pieces of the collection. This outfit though I think is wearable for multiple age groups.
H&M Design Awards
This creation is absolutely gorgeous, how every color is highlighted thanks to the surrounding. The top part has beautiful shoulders, that gives this outfit a more elegant look.
House of Dagmar
The leather is, as previously mentioned, very popular the upcoming season and definately something you should think about investing in. This time it's a leather skirt combined with a top that kind of melts in to the skirt, while being beautifully contrasting to the material of the skirt.
Ida Klamborn
Unfortunately I didn't like much of this designer's creations this season. But what I did like was the pattern of this skirt and the combination of these colors. It's not a traditional kind of combination, which may be one of the reasons why I like it. Also I'm a big fan of the warm palette, so this suits my personal preferences perfectly!
Ida Sjöstedt
I'm not so sure about the combination of socks and pumps, but otherwise this outfit is gorgeous! A black lace party dress paired with red heels taht add a bit of color to the outfit. And let's not forget the amazing long coat with fur collar. Perfect for winter!
This was my favourite brand this far through the fashion week. Almost every outfit is wearable and just my taste, so no wonder that it was extrememly hard for me to pic a favourite! I chose this one because it's perfect both for day and night, perfect outfit for a Friday if you're heading out afterwards.
This coat is gorgeous aswell, the color is perfect for fall and one of my favourites for that season. Even though the combination of the pieces is not the very best in my opinion, I love the fabric of the upper piece, it adds something special to this outfit and makes it stand out among the others.
Maria Nilsdotter
This collection of jewellery is something a bit different for a fashion week, which is mostly about clothes. But I think it's really good to mix it up and add something out of the ordinary. These rings ain the picture above are the favourite pieces from her collection. They're simple, yet adds something special to both your everyday-outfit as the one for an event.


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