Back to school

Yesterdaywas  the third day of school and we've already gotten three homeworks from three different subjects. They don't let us start very easily, do they? But it's finally the weekend, so the mood is up!
Yesterday my dear friend Jennifer (check out her blog here) had her going abroad - party, which was so much fun. She's moving to Spain for a whole year and I'm gonna miss her super duper much! Fortunately we have different kinds of technologies on our side, so we'll make it work.
I'm gonna do a summary of my summer later, it's gonna consist of two parts and a LOT of photos. Hope you'll enjoy it!
But now some photos from these last three days!
First day of school - outfit.
Tried to do my nails a bit different.
Went to the gym.
And had some delicious frozen yoghurt with my sister at Naked Juice Bar!


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