The taste of sushi

Hello guys!
Today felt like a REALLY long day, even though the last class was cancelled.
The day was filled with boring lessons without what felt like real meaning, it just felt like you were moving along a stream together with everyone else, never really getting anywhere. Wow, it sounds really despressing, hahaha!
Finally though, I got some sushi that I've been craving all week. And it was DELICIOUS! I love it! I might sound like a sushi freak, which I'm not, but sometimes it's just so good.
When school ended everyone headed home and it was so nice to finally get some time off from school. We had some ice-cream at home, so me and my sister curled up in front of the TV and watched the latest two episodes of "Swedish Hollywood Wives". It's like "Real Housewives of..." but Swedish and it's so bizarre and hilarious to watch. Both mine and my sister's favourite housewife is Maria Montazami (you can check out her blog here).
Now I'm just gonna take a shower, curl up in my bed, watch an episode of "New Girl" and go to sleep.
Sleep tight everyone!
Today's lunch
Swedish Hollywood Wives (picture from Google)


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