These last two days...

So not much has happened these last two days, but there's been some great moments and that's what I thought I'd share with you!
This day started quite late, at around 9.50 AM. Me and my friends decided to eat lunch at Subway, since it had been a while since we ate there and we were really craving some hot sandwiches. On our way there we got to know that a jewelry shop had been robbed less than an hour ago, so went there to take a look at the crime scene. This is what it looked like:
The car that had been driven in to the shop was still there and there where a lot of police cars around. It was really interesting actually.

Later that day, me, my sister Milda, my friend Bea and her friend Jenny went to see One Direction's new movie "This Is Us". It was sooo good!!! The cinema was filling with teenage girls, most of them a few years younger than me and the screaming was sometimes unbearable. The movie could also have been a bit longer, but overall: I LOVED IT! And of course I'm gonna buy it as soon as it's possible.
Yesterday I went to school as usual and today my friends and I ate lunch at Taco Bar. I ordered, as always, a Nacho Deluxe and it was delicious! It really tasted better than ever, but that may be because it's been a long time since I ate it, hahaha.
When I got home I bought a big box of ice-cream and watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars together with my sissie. All I can say is: O-M-G!!!! If you've seen the episode you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't seen it you definately should! I'm not gonna write about it here to prevent from spoiling for you, but it was one of the most reveiling episodes ever.
When mom got home she had a package that I've been waiting for for so long. I was so excited when I received it I jumped out of my chiar and instanly ripped it open. I had ordered some cheekies from Victoria's Secret and they had finally arrived!


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