Vacation dreams

Hello everyone!
At the moment I'm in Lithuania on vacay, meeting relatives and friends and just hanging out. It's been a great couple of weeks with no stress or worries at all. Me and my family went firstly to Lithuania and then from there to Bulgaria where we stayed for 11 days. It was incredible and I promise to show you pics later!
Yesterday we were at my grandma Elena and grandpa Donatas house and helped out in the garden a bit. Mine and my sister task was to pick berries; cherries and blackcurrants. Grandma has this huge blackcurrant bush and we spent quite a while there picking them. The result was an enormous bowl of sweet and delicious blackcurrants, that together with some raspberrys became the most heavenly jam I've ever tasted.
Picking cherries
The result after hours of picking
In the garden


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