This weekend has been so much fun!
On Friday I had a small birthday dinner with my dearest friends from before high school, the ones I ended 9th grade with; Miranda and Anamika. Sara was also supposed to come, but she got sick so she couldn't make it. We had Caesar salad for dinner, and then we also ate this delicious chocolate mousse cake and a lot of snacks, chips and candy of course! We watched this movie called "The Island" which was a bit creepy but really cool, I really liked it. I also got some great presents; a beautiful blouse from Miranda and Sara, and mascara and eyeliner from Anamika. It was so nice to meet them after quite a some time, I really enjoyed it!
Then the next day, Saturday, I studied a bit in the morning, but didn't get too much done. Later, at around 4.30 PM, Agnes and Anna arrived for the birthday-sleepover that I was holding that day. We ate some snacks and discussed which movies we were going to see and before we knew it we had to meet up with Bea. So we did and bought pizza and even more snacks and candy and went home. The pizza was DELICIOUS! It was a American Pan Pizza called "Indiana" and had a lot of cheese, which I love. Then we watched "The Box" with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden. It was a very interesting psychological thriller, that at times was a bit hard to understand but ended up being a great film. Then we ate cake, but since we had eaten a lot of snacks and candy I didn't eat that much. After cake we watched two more movies; "She's the man" and "Beastly". I've seen them both before, but I really didn't mid since they're both amazing. "She's the man" is a classic girly/feel good - movie and "Beastly" is just such a beautiful romanic movie with a great message. Of course the fact that one of my favourite male actors, Alex Pettyfer, starred in the movie wasn't a bad thing (he's so H.O.T. it's insane!). We were all really tired after that, but still somehow ended up watching K-pop videos and my very talented bestie's group "UNIQUE". Check them out here. Finally we went to bed at 3AM and I slept until 7AM, because I woke up with a huge stomach ache. So went Agnes and Bea went to church I stayed at home with Anna, until she had to go home aswell. The rest of the day I just did some studying for the math test I had today that I'm not really sure about how it went. It felt good, but other times when I've been feeling good about a test it hasn't turnedout so good, so I'm not really sure what to believe.
Wow, this ended up being a LOT of text. Hope you had the patience to read it all. Now here are some pictures!
Miranda and I, Anamika was the one taking the photo.
Amazing pizza!
Snacks and candy.
Little Seira.
Me eating cake (it was delicious though my face may not say so :P)
Bea laughing hard!
Anna and Agnes making funny faces!
Me and Agnes being silly! Credit for the Saturday sleepover pictures go to her and are taken from her blog


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