No yoga Wednesday

Started with another sports-related headline today too hahah ;)
Nah, just kidding. I was supposed to go to yoga today, and I did go to the gym and all, just to find out that it was cancelled. Can you imagine how sad I was? Also this whole practice-thingy is not going so well either, hoping for an answer from a potential company tomorrow, but the answer is probably going to be "I'm sorry, we don't accept interns." Can you guess how many times I've heard that phrase by now? And how many times I've said "Oh, okey. Thank you anyway!", while I actually just wan't to punch them? Hahah, no, I'm just kidding, but I'm really annoyed, that I will admit. Well, we'll see how it all works out!
Anyway, today was kind of chill at school, nothing mayor. Except for the math test that's coming up next week and I'm several chapters behind the schedule. How I'm gonna manage to study while throwing two parties this weekend, that's a question I'd like an answer to!
Yep, and now some pictures from today!
A picture from today's science class, this project about overfertilization.
Some healthy snacks I bought on my way home. The drink was quite good, tasted a bit like apple juice. The nakd. ginger bread-bar was okey, nothing I would recommend, but definately eatable. The most delicious thing was the Eat Natural-bar, mmm...
All set for a yoga class, but the instructor didn't show up! I did some stretching together with the others instead.


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