Stupid Apple

As you can imagine from the headline, I'm not so very pleased with Apple at the moment.
Yesterday I was supposed to simply upgrade the software on my iPhone to the new iOS 7.0.2. So I started it and it all went quite smoothly until a sign appeared that said that there were some problems with the update and it couldn't be done. So I unplugged the phone from the computer and tried again. Everything went well until the same sign appeared. Then when I unplugged the phone again, it just kind of got stuck on the apple thingy and I had to try several times to shut it off before it worked. When I turned it on again, it said that the phone had to be connected to iTunes. So I thought that maybe I had unintentionally interrupted something and it had to continue the update or something? But no, now my phone apparently had to be restored! Of course I panicked because it said that all the content would be removed and stupid as I am I of course hadn't done a back-up or anything. So I was so scared that everything I had, all the photos, music and so on, would be gone. And they were, but fortunately I was able to recover at least the photos. But all the apps and all the music is gone, and it has taken me all day to try and find half of them. So yeah, I'm pretty pissed of at Apple right now!
Otherwise, this day hasn't been too bad. Everything at school went okey and the guitar lesson as well. I also got the new issue of "Teen Vogue", so I'm gonna have some nice reading before going to bed. Tomorrow we have English and we're gonna watch a movie of some kind, and after lunch we're going on a field trip to Handelsbanken to hear about their marketing. Not that I have noticed any, but apparently it's good, otherwise my teacher probably wouldn't have bothered... Anyway, we'll see how that goes.
Now I'm just gonna relax and watch "Bones".
See ya!
Before update
After update. Which one do you like the best?


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