Tuesday Zumba

Hello guys! Long time no see! I know I've apologized for my absence before, but this time I actually have an excuse! The thing is, I had this HUGE marketing exam, as I've said before, and I have studied literally ALL THE TIME. For example this weekend I literally didn't leave my room unless it was to get food or go to the bathroom. It's been awfull and I've been so bored, stressed and filled with anxiety. Even cried a couple of times...
But now it's finally over and I couldn't be happier! So on my way home I bought chocolate muffins that I ate while watching "Bones", for the first time in like three days. I also had booked this Zumba class for beginners at the gym that I went to and it was so much fun! After being almost dead for 4 days it felt so nice to move my body to some fun music. I'm definately going to continue to do this every Tuesday from now on.
Also my class (at school) is going to have this kind of project were we have to practice at a company of our choice and then we're gonna write a paper on it and some other stuff that has to do with marketing. I've been searching for a place to do my practice for seriously more than a week and every place I visit just keep saying no. I'm so mad! Like what do they have to loose? I wouldn't say no to some extra help for free if owned a company! Ugh, I'll just have to keep trying and hope for the best. A worst case scenario is me working at the "Stockholm Film Festival", and that's not too bad if you as me!
No super fun pictures today, but I hope you'll bear with me.
Pretty flowers! (Source)


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