3 Valentine's Day outfits

Afternoon everyone! Today the Valentine topic is going to circle about my very favourite subject... fashion!
Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to bring out the girly you. While I may not be the person with the most Valentine's Day experience (a comfy night in front of a romantic movie with cookies is perfect for me), I'm for sure a big fan of pink, red and the overall girliness that comes from a perfect Valentine's Day combination.
Below are some ideas to help you through this years most romantic holiday!
A Valentine's Day work outfit

Blazer 299 SEK
Blouse 249 SEK
Pants 199 SEK
Scarf 129 SEK
Bag 549 SEK
Flats 650 SEK
Meeting with the girls

Trenchcoat 399 SEK
Blouse 249 SEK
Skirt 149 SEK
Bag 399 SEK
Boots 349 SEK
Necklace 49:50 SEK
Bracelet 49 SEK
Dinner with your love
Coat 499 SEK
Dress 459 SEK
Necklace 299 SEK
Pumps 399 SEK
Bag 399 SEK
Collages by me, other inspiration from here


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