My Valentine's Day

Afternoon everyone! I was supposed to post this yesterday and I thought I did, but somehow I must have done something wrong.
Anyway, my Valentine's Day was very nice. School ended earlier, so I didn't have to rush back home. I went to the grocery store to get some delicious stuff for my family to celebrate this day. Then I went to the stable to have my horse-riding lesson which went by really great, I trotted for the first time! Well actually not the first time, but it felt like it, since I was so scared I was going to fall off. You really on the horse's back, I feel really sorry for my Humblebee (got her this time, she's too sweet). Then I got home, took a nice shower and ate and other delicious stuff (mom had bought the same thing a had :P), while watching "About Time" with Agnes (at the same time, chatting through our phones). When the movie was ready I went to sleep.
Not the most hectic celebration, but definately a fun one!
Valentine's Day dessert. Vanilla/blueberry and vanilla hearts, so delicious!


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