A passion for design

One of my bigger passions in life is interior design. I just love to completely transform a room, make it represent the person who lives there in the best possible way. Sadly, I haven't had that much experience in the subject, since the only room I've redone is my own. But now after I've done it I feel so much happier being there, being able to look around and like what I see. Knowing that I've achieved it all by myself is a great plus aswell.
I'd really love to do more of this, to get the chance to create a home, just how I'd like it to be. Therefore I just can't wait until I get to move out and find my own place, it's going to be incredible to be able to decide and decorate verything just how I like it. If I have the luck to live with my dear friend Agnes, it's gonna be even more fun. Since we have quite a similar taste in furniture and details and stuff, it's not gonna be hard for us to come along. To share it all with someone who's equally excited about it, now that's amazing!
Here are some pics that really get my creative mind going!

Postat av: Agnes

I agree it would be soo much fun!! It would be amazing and just imagine how pretty our apartment would look <3

Svar: I know, I can't wait! :D <3
Ruta Mozuraityte

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