Beautiful morning sun and breakfast

Good morning!
Today I had to wake up a bit earlier than usual on Wednesdays, because three other students from my class and I had a meeting with a teacher about some stuff regarding her learning type etc. It was productive, we achieved some changes that were necessary, unless you want to get depressed because of school.
Anyway, I had a delicious breakfast, a bit different than what I usually have, which is yoghurt and muesli with some tea. Today it was tea as always, but this time also cottage cheese with a tomatoe cut into pieces and a bit of leek. I don't know if you've tried anything like this before, but you should definately try it out. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on top to make it even more delicious!
Later this day I'll of course post about the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in Stockholm. So keep an eye on the blog for more fashion!
The sun turned out really interesting in this photo


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