Monday yet again, "hurray"!
Imagine if MOnday's didn't exist, wouldn't that be great? Or if it was a weekend day? I wish...
For now it's school on the schedule, with a Spanish presentation about a song after lunch. I'll have to stand in front of half the class and talk in Spanish about the song I picked, the artist and why I picked the song.
I'm so nervous! It doesn't feel like I know what I'm gonna say and I hate it. I always feel like this before an oral presentation like this one, but it usually goes better than you expect it too, so I have hope.
After school today I'm gonna go shoe-shopping, since i broke the zipper on my right shoe yesterday. Hopefully there be some gorgeous warm boots to cover my footies. I can't decide if I should go for long or short ones though... We'll see, if I find some I'll post the pictures.
Have a great Monday at work/school/home!


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